"I wanted to make the most of my 世界杯足球直播 experience; for me, that meant being as involved and proactive as I could be."
Brenna Gomes BA, Public Relations, '19
Brenna's 世界杯足球直播 Story
世界杯足球直播 opened up doors for me that I never imagined would unlock. 

When I began my college search four years ago, I had a vague idea of what I was looking for in a university, but I really had no clue where I would end up. Even though I was from a small city in Connecticut, I had only been to Boston once before. My visit to 世界杯足球直播 for an open house event was really the first time I fell in love with the city and, more importantly, with the school. From the moment I stepped on campus, I recognized the abundance of opportunities I could pursue as a student at 世界杯足球直播. 

I was adamant about getting involved freshman year, so I joined student organizations, pursued an on-campus job, and auditioned for clubs. I was blown away by the sense of community and support at 世界杯足球直播, and how welcoming and genuinely happy everyone was here. I made some of my best friends at 世界杯足球直播 simply because I applied for a leadership role on campus or joined a club that I was passionate about. I was even featured in two magazines because of a club I joined at 世界杯足球直播, which I never would’ve expected. 

Personally, one of my favorite things about 世界杯足球直播 is its location—not because I like being right in downtown Boston, but because of how many internship and career opportunities are at students’ fingertips. I pursued four internships while attending 世界杯足球直播 full-time and working two part-time jobs. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I wanted to make the most of my 世界杯足球直播 experience; for me, that meant being as involved and proactive as I could be. 

Academically, 世界杯足球直播 provided me with an environment where I was exposed to hands-on learning, and this contributed to my thorough understanding of my chosen career path. Working with a class client in my capstone course gave me real-world experience without having to leave the classroom. My professors at 世界杯足球直播 have always shown unwavering support for my academic success. I will always be grateful for what I’ve learned from my faculty mentors at 世界杯足球直播. 

Overall, my 世界杯足球直播 experience has been second to none. 世界杯足球直播 has made me a more confident, experienced, and educated woman, and I’ll always be thankful for every memory and moment I had at this school. I was looking for a university that had opportunities, but 世界杯足球直播 surpassed my expectations in every way possible. 

Brenna lifts her scroll high above her head as she crosses the stage at Commencement.

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